Matej Kramny

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Restaurant Ordering Application

A B2B iOS Application for Restaurant Waiters enabling them to order food for individual tables. The Table orders can be printed via a thermal receipt printer (located in the restaurant kitchen for example). The receipt printer is connected to a Raspberry Pi running node.js and MongoDB.
The App is able to pull reports at the end of each day, and display useful statistics such as "Profits made" and weekly trends.

It was created because many commercial solutions are too expensive for the restaurants and require costly setup/maintenance fees.


NodeGear is an PaaS which enables easy node.js hosting without having to worry about scaling, uptime and monitoring.

It is in very early stage, however we have a working prototype.

Travian iOS App

iOS Application that manages your Travian account because it is difficult to do so using the stock iPhone browser.

The app has been ranked #3 in the Croation app store, downloaded over 4200 times since its release in late March. It really took off since we released the free trial app in early July. Since then, the app is achieving about 40 downloads / day.

Source code:

Continuous Integration server

Created a CI server in Node.js to deploy my node applications (but can be used for type of application). It utilises github web hooks to pull latest code after it is pushed to the repository.

Pebble Watch App

Created and uploaded a Pebble Watch application using C. Application displays actual time and prints "Hello world". Also vibrates custom patterns etc.

Raspberry Pi Robot

Created a robot controlled by any device from anywhere.

This uses a raspberry pi connected to home wifi network, while running a node.js server using websockets to command the DC motors.

Arduino Uno LED Website

Connected Arduino UNO to a computer using UART, allowing remote control of LEDs using node.js webserver running on the computer.

Radio Controlled Robot

Created a robot from scratch, including the robot chassis. This was using a Radio controller with a receiver attached to the robot, ATMega receiving the signals and decoding them into PWM signals to control transistor powered DC motors.